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What can you do with us?

- Creative marketing, attracting new users, working with the community
- Creating a database of travel bloggers and influencers, cooperating with them
- Creating a database and contacting foreign (from your native country) travel and business websites regarding collaboration, advertising, PR article publication, press releases
- Creation of a database and communication with foreign (from your native country) travel agencies regarding cooperation

What do you get from us?

- Full-time / Part-time application
- Flexible working hours
- Table tennis in the office for free
- Free water, coffee, tea, at the workplace

December 16, 2020

How it works?

1. Hit I want an internship and set-up your initial call

2. Schedule a call with our career mentor to kick things off

3. After the intro call, we will start matching you with the right startuos for you

4. The rest in on you, break a leg!

I want an internship

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