Erin Clausen

Erin Clausen

Investment Manager, Grey Collar Ventures (Beloit)

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Nicole Justa

Treasurer, WSC Board + Manager, N29 Capital Partners (Minocqua)

Tom Erickson

Director, UW School of Computer, Data and Information Science

Lydia Zeller

President, WSC Board + CEO, KIIO (Madison)

Troy Vosseller

Co-founder, gener8tor (Milwaukee/Madison)

Peter Welch

Co-Founder, WSC + COO, The Welch Group

Kathy Henrich

CEO, Milwaukee Tech Hub Coalition

Jay Creagh

Secretary, WSC Board + Attorney, Godfrey & Kahn

Astro Designs

Web Design & Visual Technology

Product, Design, Branding, Strategy, Marketing

Matthieu Vollmer

Co-founder & CEO, Arbre Technologies (Stevens Point)

Taralinda Willis

Co-founder & CEO, Curate (Madison)

Kyle Weatherly

Co-founder & CEO, Frontdesk (Milwaukee)

Raisa Koltun

CSA Partners (Milwaukee)

Amanda DoAmaral

Founder & CEO- Fiveable (Milwaukee)

Matt Cordio

Co-founder, WSC + Growth Partner, Skills Pipeline

Elaine Coughlin

Community Manager, CoLab (Eau Claire)

Wisconsin Startup Coalition
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