Lydia Zeller

Lydia Zeller

President, WSC Board + CEO, KIIO (Madison)

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Matthieu Vollmer

Co-founder & CEO, Arbre Technologies (Stevens Point)

Nicole Justa

Treasurer, WSC Board + Manager, N29 Capital Partners (Minocqua)

Tom Erickson

Director, UW School of Computer, Data and Information Science

Elaine Coughlin

Community Manager, CoLab (Eau Claire)

Kathy Henrich

CEO, Milwaukee Tech Hub Coalition

Astro Designs

Web Design & Visual Technology

Product, Design, Branding, Strategy, Marketing

Amanda DoAmaral

Founder & CEO- Fiveable (Milwaukee)

Erin Clausen

Investment Manager, Grey Collar Ventures (Beloit)

Troy Vosseller

Co-founder, gener8tor (Milwaukee/Madison)

Raisa Koltun

CSA Partners (Milwaukee)

Kyle Weatherly

Co-founder & CEO, Frontdesk (Milwaukee)

Jay Creagh

Secretary, WSC Board + Attorney, Godfrey & Kahn

Matt Cordio

Co-founder, WSC + Growth Partner, Skills Pipeline

Taralinda Willis

Co-founder & CEO, Curate (Madison)

Peter Welch

Co-Founder, WSC + COO, The Welch Group

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