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After releasing a list of Wisconsin Startups to Watch in 2021 emails started pouring in from folks suggesting additions. WSC Co-founder Matt Cordio shares 21 more startups who should be on your radar in 2021...
Matt Cordio
Co-founder of the Wisconsin Startup Coalition and Growth Partner at Skills Pipeline, a Wisconsin-based technology recruitment firm.

After releasing a list of Wisconsin Startups to Watch in 2021  emails started pouring in from folks suggesting additions. While it is impossible to list every Wisconsin tech startup (there are hundreds of them) here are 21 additional companies who should be on your radar in 2021. 

Advanced Ionics (Milwaukee, WI)

Hydrogen is used by many industrial users including fertilizer production, power plants and metal fabrication. Currently, the hydrogen production process also emits carbon dioxide. Advanced Ionics has developed a new generation of electrolyzers that is cleaner and more affordable and enables on-site production of hydrogen for industrial users.  

Agricycle (Milwaukee, WI)

Aiming to eradicate rural poverty by transforming waste into opportunity, the company launched Jali Fruit Co. a line of dehydrated fruit products grown by women farmers in sub-Saharan Africa and Tropicoal Ignition a charcoal product made from coconut and shells and palm kernels which cuts back on the use of wood, a major cause of deforestation in Africa. 

AIQ Solutions (Madison, WI)

The UW-Madison which has developed a technology platform, driven by AI which analyzes PET and CT scans that revolutionizes how researchers understand disease and clinicians treat patients. AIQ was recognized for adapting their platform in the face of COVID-19 to automatically quantify sophisticated CT lung imaging patterns in COVID-19 patients. Improving how accurately these readings are interpreted, better predicting the severity of lung damage and providing valuable insights into emerging drug therapies for the virus.

BankerGPS (Madison, WI)

The way bankers go about deepening customer relationships has not. BankerGPS has developed a data-driven customer engagement and growth platform for community banks and credit unions.

Curate (Madison, WI)

Municipal meetings didn’t stop during the pandemic, neither did the Curate team. The “Civic Intelligence” company which has developed a technology platform that enables companies to access municipal documents was busy this year and released a new client dashboard which makes it easier for companies to track and understand local legislation. 

DataChat (Madison, WI)

Has developed an interactive platform for visualizing data sets and gathering insights. The company led by serial entrepreneur Jignesh Patel raised $4m in October from Silicon Valley investors to fuel the growth and make additional hires. 

EnsoData (Madison, WI)

The company’s proprietary technology transforms billions of waveform data points collected from sensors in medical devices and wearables into reports, so clinicians can make faster, more accurate diagnoses. EnsoSleep, the company’s flagship product has helped technicians reduce the time it takes to score sleep studies by 75%. The company raised $9m led by Venture Investors and Zetta Venture Partners the capital infusion wil help EnsoData launch new AI products in sleep and neurology, grow their team, expand partnerships and support clinical trials.   

Fork Farms (Green Bay, WI)

Indoor vertical hydroponic farming can enable sustainable hyperlocal food production even in harsh climates like Wisconsin winters. Fork Farmshas developed a patented indoor vertical hydroponic system that enables operators to grow up to 3,400 of fresh produce annually while consuming less water, lowering transportation costs. Titletown Tech made an investment in this AgTech startup earlier this year. 

GenoPalate (Milwaukee, WI)

The developer of personalized nutrition solutions has continued to grow, scale and form new partnerships in 2020. 

GLW Technologies (New Glarus, WI)

GLW is 3D printing commercial drones at a fraction of the cost. Persephone, one of their first models is equipped with an open source guidance system, will help farmers complete field work in minutes that used to take hours. 

Ionic (Madison, WI)

Making app development easier is Ionic’s mission, the company raised $6m after delivering strong enterprise customer growth in 2019. The company continues to launch updates to the enterprise product and build a strong open source app development community. 

Joy Boost (Milwaukee, WI)

We’ve all been to a concert or sporting event and had a dangerously low cell phone battery. Joy Boost has developed a wireless charging patch that will enable you to recharge your phone on the go, without being tethered to a shared charging station. 

Linectra (Madison, WI)

This company is developing a high­-resolution and high­-throughput 3D metal printer that enables additive manufacturing of metal parts, prototypes and other products helping manufacturers cut costs and reduce lead times. 

Marathon Machines (Milwaukee, WI)

Hate changing laundry between your washer and dryer? Marathon Machines is developing an all-in-one solution, the company just announced they have raised $2.7m.

PROMISS Diagnostics (Wauwatosa, WI)

The company developing an early-stage test for Ovarian Cancer raised $400K earlier this year. The company continues to work on optimizing the technology, gaining clinical validation and conducting multi-site clinical trials.

Safepro Technologies (Whitewater, WI)

70% of active shooter events last less than five minutes. Safepro has developed a patented integrated laser projection and shot detection system that determines the location of the threat, alerts occupants, guides them in a safe direction via dynamic graphic directional images, separates them from danger, and directs first responders to neutralize the active shooter.

SimpleMachines (Madison, WI)

The company founded by a UW-Madison Computer Science professor released Mozart, a next-generation semiconductor chip in October. The new chips the company is developing could advance the development of AI and machine learning.

Understory (Madison, WI)

The company which offers parametric insurance products that cover severe weather risks launched a new hail insurance product for automotive dealerships in five states. Understory was also named “AgTech Insurance Product of the Year” by AgTech Breakthrough

VasoGnosis (Milwaukee, WI)

This startup has the potential to save your brain! VasoGnosis is developing an AI-powered diagnostic and surgical planning software for brain aneurysms and other cerebrovascular diseases. Earlier this year, VasoGnosis was awarded a $225K National Science Foundation STTR in collaboration with Medical College of Wisconsin to conduct R&D on the development and validation of noninvasive high-fidelity serial aneurysm diagnostic software.

VibeTech (Sheboygan, WI)

The company has leveraged NASA developed technology to provide safe and accessible physical and occupational therapy. The company is currently looking to crowdfund the launch of their commercial rehabilitation chair, VibeSit Pro

Xena Workwear (Milwaukee, WI)

This company continues to make women’s workwear and personal protective equipment more stylish, a truly unique opportunity which has led to great growth. The company launched a new style of fashionable work boot as well as the “Everywhere Blazer” combining the functionality of a utility jacket with the stylish looks of a professional blazer. Xena’s Founder, Ana Kraft was even recently featured in Forbes

These companies have been added to the original Wisconsin Startups to Watch in 2021 list which now includes 50+ companies who should be on your radar in  2021. Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a happy and healthy New Year! 

Matt Cordio
Co-founder of the Wisconsin Startup Coalition and Growth Partner at Skills Pipeline, a Wisconsin-based technology recruitment firm.
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